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Huish's - Utah's source for Custom Awnings, Pergolas & More!

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Huish's - Utah's Source for Custom Awnings, Pergolas & More!
Utah's custom manufacturer for attractive & durable awnings, canvas awnings, commercial awnings, retractable awnings, aluminum awnings, and aluminum pergolas.  We also manufacture drop shades.

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If you have any questions or are interested in a custom quote for stage curtains, draperies, awnings, or any custom sewn product, please feel free to contact us.

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Utah's source for custom awnings, pergolas, retractables & more!
We build durable and maintenance free custom awnings:  aluminum awnings/pergolas and canvas awnings/retractables in a variety of styles, motorized and non-motorized shade screens, motorized and non-motorized retractable awnings, as well as welded frame and gravity hung awnings.

Utah's source for Metal Patio Awnings & Pergolas
Metal patio awnings are a great way to add shade to your backyard patio for your outdoor barbecues and picnics.  Huish's will help you decide on the metal patio awning or pergola that is right for you.

Utah's source for Canvas Awnings/Retractables
Huish's creates, manufactures, and repairs the traditional canvas awnings.  These coverings provide additional shade and style to your home. A custom retractable patio awning is an ideal way to provide shade and block out the heat of the sun.

Utah's source for Custom Commercial Awnings
We have manufactured custom commercial awnings for several businesses and organizations in Utah.

Utah's source for Residential Window Awnings
Window Awnings are proven to cut down on cooling costs for your home.  New data shows that window awnings can cut anywhere from 29% to 41% cooling costs by adding sufficient awnings to windows facing south and west.

Utah's source for Highest Quality Outdoor Patio Furniture
Huish’s sells the highest quality patio furniture in the fine outdoor furnishings industry.  Come and sit and feel the comfort of our outdoor furniture and know that it is manufactured to last for many, many years.

Utah's source for Kodiak Canvas Tents
Huish's is now an official dealer of Kodiak Canvas Tents! These tents are awesome! Made with great canvas products that are made to last and endure many camping trips. We can attest because we own these tents and have used them many times. Come by and check out Kodiak Canvas Tents at Huish's. 

Utah's source for Custom Canvas Covers & Repairs
We manufacture custom canvas covers to protect your boats, BBQ grills, trailers, patio furniture, trampolines, and much, much more!  We also repair all items we manufacture and we repair any canvas good, including camping gear, tents, backpacks, tarps, etc.

Utah's source for Stage Curtains & Drapery
Huish’s works constantly with Utah’s public schools, General Contractors, Church’s, and many other businesses and organizations to create high quality stage curtains and draperies.  We install the track systems, sew the fabric, and hang the products, ensuring your satisfaction.

Our History - Serving Utah Since 1936
For over a half-a-century Huish's has been sewing on canvas.  It all started when Bert Huish, of Provo, saw the opportunity that canvas presented to manufacture attractive and durable awnings,patio covers, banners, tarps, tents, boat covers, truck covers, and other industrial sewing applications.

If you wish to contact Huish’s about employment opportunities, please send an email to with your résumé and cover letter.