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Custom Retractable Patio Awnings

Custom Retractable Patio AwningsA custom retractable patio awning is an ideal way to provide shade and block out the heat of the sun.  These awnings can also provide protection from rain making your patio or deck useful in rainstorms.

Custom Retractable Patio AwningsThe advantage of a custom retractable patio awning over a metal awning or a pergola is that it can be retracted, rolled up, and hidden when it is not needed.

Custom Retractable Patio Awnings Custom retractable patio awnings may even be motorized making it even easier to retract or unroll the awning.  Furthermore, the motorized custom retractable patio awning can be hooked up to a sensor retracting and extending based upon the amount of sunlight.

Drop shades provide exceptional shade for homes that have west or south facing patios and windows.

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